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Are you finding it difficult to lose weight despite your best efforts? Sometimes, your inability to shed those extra pounds is caused by a lack of vital nutrients in your body. In such cases, a weight loss IV in Chicago might be what you need to finally start seeing results in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss can be challenging, and it becomes even more complicated when your excess weight gain is caused by underlying medical issues. Liquid IV weight loss is a viable option for you if you are suffering from poor metabolism caused by nutrient deficiency. Proper diet and regular exercise remain the most effective way to lose weight; supplementing these activities with a Slim Drip IV can help you achieve maximum results

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

There are many reasons you may not be losing weight despite eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. One of these reasons may be that your body is lacking in vital nutrients that help balance your hormones and your metabolism. Without the right nutrients, your body will find it difficult to let go of fat; this makes it a lot harder for you to reach your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss IV Chicago

Critical Nutrients that Can Boost Your Metabolism

You can boost your body’s metabolism and speed up fat loss with the following nutrients:

1. Magnesium

A study published in A Journal of Nutrition determined that experimental magnesium deficiency resulted in impaired carbohydrate metabolism. An increase in magnesium intake can reverse this and enhance metabolism instead.

2. Carnitine

Carnitine is another nutrient that has been researched thoroughly and shown to reduce body weight, fat mass, and overall body mass index (BMI) due to its metabolizing effects.

3. Calcium

A study published in Clinical Endocrinal Metabolism determined that a deficiency in calcium was linked to higher weight gain Calcium supplements were shown to reverse this effect, enhancing weight loss.

Taking supplements or consuming foods rich in magnesium, carnitine, and calcium can help improve your metabolism. Likewise, a deficiency in these nutrients can lead to slower metabolism and enhanced weight gain.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you should aim to optimize your nutrient intake. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to get nutrients into your body is through a weight loss IV. At GIOSTAR Aesthetics, we offer a Slim Drip IV that has all the nutrients your body needs to help enhance your metabolism, so you can lose weight faster and more effectively.

How Does Slim Drip IV Therapy Work?

This form of IV therapy is formulated with the purpose of aiding weight loss by using a combination of nutrients to stimulate your metabolism. This encourages calorie burning and weight loss, as well as helping with proper digestion.

Slim Drip IV Therapy may contain the following essentials for kickstarting your goals:

Slim Drip IV is offered to our patients that are looking for additional help with their current weight loss efforts. The process is virtually painless, and usually takes around 20 minutes to an hour. The IV is administered by a medical professional and set in a relaxing environment. Our IV rooms are private and equipped with calming music and scents, heated blankets, and refreshments.

If you find that you are routinely exercising and eating better, but just not seeing results, this may be the catalyst that kick starts your results! Slim Drip IV results can happen when used in conjunction with proper diet and routine exercise.

Ideal For Individuals who are already using the combination of diet and exercise to achieve a weight loss goal

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