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Loose skin around the abdomen area can cause irritation, and make it hard to look your best in clothing. People tend to develop this when they lose weight, have children, or have surgical procedures below the belly button. The skin is loose and looks wrinkled due to lack of laxity. Patients looking to eliminate this “bugaboo” can now take advantage of GIOSTAR Chicago’s new in-office option for Lower Abdominal Skin Excision (LASE) – medically known as panniculectomy surgery.

The procedure involves minimal downtime, faster recovery and greater safety than a traditional abdominoplasty.

LASE is a surgical procedure that restores a smooth look to the area below the belly button by removing excess skin. The procedure can, for instance, improve or replace an unattractive Cesarean section scar with a lower one that is just slightly longer. In the procedure, patients are given an oral relaxant and the surgical area is numbed. The surgeon aspirates the abdominal fat and trims the loose lower abdominal skin. Finally, the skin is sutured, leaving the belly button untouched. The process may take between two to three hours, and patients are able to go home immediately afterward.

Patients may use prescription medication to achieve postoperative pain relief. An elastic compression garment of the abdomen must be used for as long as your doctor recommends. Full recovery will take 4-6 weeks, but patients can get back to walking, light exercise, and non-active work at 10 days. LASE involves a much easier recovery than a full abdominoplasty, with far lower risks (largely because you are under local anesthetic). Furthermore, no drains involved are involved in the procedure.